Quick Facts

Some useful facts if you are new to this portal:

How do I become a member?
It is easy to become a member of the Canadian Society for Systems Biology. Simply go to the ”Create Account” page, fill in the required information and you are a member! There is no membership fee. Our organization is a “grassroots” movement run by volunteering scientists. As such, we expect our members to actively participate in advancing Systems Biology in Canada and contribute to the development of the Society (including adding content to this portal)

What are the benefits of membership?
As a Member of the Canadian Society for Systems Biology, you will be able to participate in events organized by the Society and vote (and run!) in the election of the Society leaders. In addition, your Member Profile will increase your visibility within the scientific community, making it easier to establish new contacts or collaborations. You will also be able to add content, such as posting announcements and links. While not yet implemented, we plan to run a Job Posting Board where members can submit job postings and resumes.

How do I search Member Profiles?
To view or browse member profiles, go to the Member Search page and enter your search terms. You don't need to be a member in order to view member profiles