Fiona Brinkman

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Associate Professor
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Simon Fraser University
Primary Affiliation
Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Other Roles

- Research Director, Bioinformatics, for the Genome Canada Pathogenomics Project
- Coordinator of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Community Annotation Project and Pseudomonas Genome Database.

- SFU representative for the Canadian Society of Microbiologists
- Adjunct Member of the UBC Centre for Disease Control (BC Centre for Disease Control)
- Member of the SFU Institute for Health Research and Education, cross appointed with the Faculty of Health Sciences and a participant in IRMACS
- Core Faculty for the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops
- Core Mentor for the BCCA-SFU-UBC Bioinformatics Graduate Program

British Columbia

Bioinformatics, infectious disease, pathogen, Pathogenomics, evolution, phylogenetics, archaeal and bacterial protein subcellular localization, genome annotation, drug target identification, vaccines, prokaryotic genomic islands, Pseudomonas, Neisseria, innate immunity, cell surface proteins, outer membrane proteins, microbiology, pathogenomics, bioinformatics education

Primary Research Field
Pathogen bioinformatics; Evolution of pathogens; Computational ID of protein subcellular localization and drug/vaccine/diagnostic targets; Pathogenomics and genome annotation


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2 years 3 weeks