Postdoctoral fellows/Research Associates in BIONFORMATICS and SYSTEMS BIOLOGY


National Research Council, Biotechnology Research Institute

Job Description


A Ph.D. degree in biology, medicine, statistics, biostatistics, theoretical physics, math, computer science, informatics, bioinformatics or systems biology.


(1) Strong programming skills in one or more of the following programming languages: Perl, Java, C/C++;
(2) A solid background in probability theory, statistics or biostatistics, statistical programming skills, stochastic modeling and Monte Carlo simulations, statistical pattern recognition;
(3) Knowledge of basic biology such as molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or genomics.
(4) Pattern recognition

Candidates who have all these skills are preferred; however, we also consider those who have the skills (1) + (2) + (4), or the skills (1) + (3) + (4).


We are seeking postdoctoral fellows to do research in bioinformatics and network biology. The postdoctoral fellows are expected to involving in cancer and plant genomics projects, conducting data mining/analysis and developing methods in computational and systems/network biology. The objectives of the study are to understand biological systems (such as signaling, gene regulation, protein interaction and metabolic networks and their dynamics in cancer progression or plant development) and develop practical applications (such as identifying human cancer markers or determining major genetic players that control fatty acid synthesis in plant metabolic networks) through mathematical and statistical analysis, numerical simulation and integrating large amount of internal and external experimental datasets including genomic, functional genomic, microarray, proteomic and metabolomic data. The postdoctoral fellows are expected to be able to develop new algorithms to make sense of these data.


1. Cui, Q., Ma, Y., Jaramillo, M., Bari, H., Awan, A., Yang, S., Zhang, S., Liu, L., Lu, M., O'Connor-McCourt, M., Purisima, E. and Wang, E., A map of human cancer signaling, Molecular Systems Biology, 3:152, 2007

2. Cui et al., Principles of microRNA regulation of a human cellular signaling network, Molecular Systems Biology, 2:46, 2006


Dr. Edwin Wang
National Research Council Biotechnology Research Institute
6100 Royalmount Ave.
Montreal, Quebec Canada, H4P 2R2