About the Canadian Society for Systems Biology

Why is a Canadian Society needed?

Systems Biology has been recognized by academic and industrial stakeholders alike as a key theme in 21st century biological, biomedical and biotechnological research, including drug development. As a result of this broad-based recognision, Systems Biology has caused substantial changes to science policy in Asia, Europe and the United States with significant investments being made to develop and enhance Systems Biology research. However, Systems Biology is underdeveloped in Canada putting this country at serious risk of missing a clear opportunity for economic growth and improvement of human health and wellness. By enhancing the opportunities for Systems Biology reserach in Canada, the Canadian Society for Systems Biology aims to ensure that Canadian industries can remain competitive internationally and that Canadians continue to reap the socio-economic benefits of a unique interdiciplinary research enterprise.

What is the Mission of the Society? The mandate of the Canadian Society for Systems Biology/Société pour la Biologie des Systèmes du Canada is is to enhance the ability of academic, clinical and industrial researchers in Canada to take advantage of emerging Systems Biology opportunities. Our organization initially seeks to fulfil this mandate by acting in the following functions:

  • To serve as an advisory body upon which federal and provisional governments can draw advice and expertise when developing infrastructures and strategic areas of development related to Systems Biology and high-throughput experimentation
  • To assist individual Institutions in the development, implementation and maintenance of nationally and internationally competitive research and training programs related to Systems Biology
  • To facilitate and enhance interactions and collaborations among individual researchers by establishing and maintaining a vibrant and dynamic Systems Biology community with national reach.