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The Canadian Society for Systems Biology is community-based organization that works to enhance interdiciplineary biological research and education in Canada by hosting a variety of member-initiated activities. Our goal is to develop and maintain an inclusive and vibrant Systems Biology community with national reach. If you are engaged in interdiciplineary biomedical, biological or biotechnological research and education, and want to connect to other scientists and students working in integrative systems biology, you have come to the right place!

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About Systems Biology:
Systems Biology is an academic discipline that seeks to integrate different scientific fields and levels of information with the goal of understanding biological systems as more than the sum of individual parts.

  • A brief introduction to Systems Biology is given at our General Information page
  • The page Systems Biology – a working definition provides a Canadian perspective
  • A discussion of the societal impact of Systems Biology can be found here

About the Canadian Society for Systems Biology:
The Canadian Society for Systems Biology aims at supporting and developing initiatives that strengthen Systems Biology research in Canada. This portal is one of the tools that the Society is employing to achieve this goal.

Information about the Society and its Mission can be found on the Society Information page

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